Domestic Transportation

Map of AustraliaOur Goal is to offer a smooth Pet Transport experience and Petflyers has established agents throughout Australia who offer Professional Pet Taxi and Pet Boarding Services for your Pet(s).

When you book your Pet’s travel through us you can be sure that your pet is in the care of experienced professionals at all times.

Our extensive network means we can move your pet between any two points in Australia. We offer door to door or airport to airport services or a combination of the two.

We can also arrange kennelling at either end of your pet’s journey while you relocate and settle into your new house.

Just remember availability is extremely limited during holiday times such as Christmas so please book as early as possible. 

As our name suggests we specialise in flying pets. However for your convenience we offer road transportation as well to and from the nearest Airport at either end of your Pets journey.

We offer 4 basic levels of service:

  1. Airport to Airport
  2. Door to Door
  3. Airport to Door
  4. Door to Airport

Airport to Airport

Airport to Airport is used when you have someone available at each end of the journey to take care of your pets. In this case you book the movement with us and we then book the flights and prepare the crates. You make the arrangements to deliver the pet(s) to the airport and collect them at the other end yourself.

Door to Door

Door to Door means that we collect the pets from your current address in a pet taxi, take them to the airport and lodge them on the flight. At the other end we collect them from the destination airport and deliver them to your new address in a pet taxi.

Airport to Door & Door to Airport

Airport to Door and Door to Airport are variations of the above when you need a pet taxi at one end but not the other.


If your pets need to be boarded at either end while you relocate we can organise this as well. Sometimes your pets may need to be kennelled en-route because of flight timetables or the length of the flights. This applies particularly to movements to/from regional Western Australia.


At Petflyers we try to give customers as much choice as possible. The crate is important for the safety and comfort of your pet.

If you have your own crate you are welcome to use it. The more time the pet spends in it before the flight the more relaxed it will feel during the flight. If you plan to use your own crate remember it must be in good condition and be airline approved. The regulations change from time to time so we will need to verify with you that it meets current standards. Best way is to email us a photo of your crate and we can advise if it will be ok.

If you don’t have a crate then we give you the choice of buying one or hiring one of ours. We stock a full range to suit all types of animals. For smaller animals such as cats, small dogs, birds and reptiles it is very economical to purchase one. For large dogs it usually advisable to hire one unless you plan to fly your dog frequently. If you hire one of our crates you MUST leave it at the Airport. It is a Federal Offence to remove our hire crates from any Australian Airport.

State to State Pet Transport. How we relocate your Pets within Australia and from Australia to the World –

How to get a quote

We have a free online quote Estimator which will generate an estimate for your pets; or you can always email or phone us.

How to pay

We accept bank deposits and credit card payments. A 2% surcharge applies to credit card payments.