International Transportation

Taking your pet overseas can be a very complex and potentially stressful experience. Virtually every country in the world has it’s own regulations and peculiarities. The airlines also have their own individual procedures for carrying and transiting live animals. Your pet(s) will benefit from our extensive experience relocating pets all over the world.

Services we offer include;

  • Providing Travel Crates
  • Arranging Veterinary Certification
  • Procuring Export and Import Permits
  • Booking the most direct and convenient flights & Preparing the export documents
  • Collecting your Pet from your residence and lodging it on the on the flight
  • Customs clearance and deliveries upon arrival

Virtually each country in the world has different animal regulations and policies that need to be adhered to. The airlines also have a myriad of different rules and requirements. There are many things to consider but you will find Petflyers will guide you through the process and relieve the stress.

At Petflyers we are also very conscious of the cost. We put a lot of thought into each quote to ensure we find the most economical way of shipping your pets without compromising their comfort and safety. We also give owners the option of doing some of the steps themselves which can save you hundreds of dollars.

To prepare your quote we will need the following information:

  1. Where you pet is traveling to and from
  2. When you want your pet to travel
  3. What type of pet(s) you have including their age and weight
  4. For large dogs we will need their height (head to ground) and length (nose to base of tail)
  5. Whether you have started any veterinary checks that may be required
  6. Your contact phone number

How to get a quote

Once you have collected the information above go to our contact page and email or phone us.

How soon can pet(s) be transported?

This depends on where they are going and, in some cases, whether the veterinary preparations have been started. After we assess your circumstances we will let you know when your pet can travel.


Imports are generally best arranged by a Pet Shipper in the Country of origin but we can arrange the import of pets from New Zealand and Japan. We can also arrange import permits (for Pets coming from any DAFF approved Country) and advise who to contact in the Country of Origin to make the necessary arrangements at that end.

When your Pets have finished their stint in the Melbourne & Sydney Quarantine Stations we can deliver them from to your residence including arranging the Domestic Flight(s) where required.

How to pay

We accept bank deposits and credit card payments. A 2% surcharge applies to credit card payments.