Latest / Tips on Shipping your Pet during the Corona Virus

March 29th, 2020 by Peter | Category: Pet Transport News

Hi All. The good news is we were able to get everybody’s Pet to their destination last week and we will working hard again this week to reunite as many Pets and Families as we can .

The bad news is it is definitely getting harder as less flights are available.

Here are some tips on how to make things as smooth as possible.

  • Get in as quick as you can. Can’t stress this enough, it may not be possible to ship your Pet next week or even on Friday. We have already lost access to Hobart Airport, lots of Regional Airports and there will be more to follow.
  • Be aware that prices on our website are valid when we have the option of choosing the cheapest Carrier on a given route and also when the movement can be completed in one day. In many cases now we only have one carrier to choose from and it’s usually not the cheapest one. Also for many Jobs we have to split the travel over 2 days because there are no connecting flights that allow a same day movement. This results in having to make 2 separate flight bookings and provide Airport Transfers and Boarding at the Transit Airport. It may mean that our quote more than doubles from the online estimate, we are sorry about this but there is nothing we can do about it.
  • Hire Crates are now much harder for us to organise. We still have a reasonable supply of Hire Crates in the State Capitals but our Agents are not going to the Airport every day like they usually do so we are having to make some special trips if people have urgent bookings and charge extra to cover it. Also we can no longer send empty crates from Port to Port as off-peak Freight as this Cargo space is now reserved for urgent Freight like medical supplies. As a result in some cases you may need to purchase your own crate instead of hiring one from us. Qantas sells Travel Crates at most major Airports and Pet Shops also sell them. Our Agents sell them as well but you may need to come and pick them up from us or pay for them to be delivered to you. Please talk to us before buying a crate, especially from a Pet Shop, as there are a lot of low quality crates on the market and some do not even meet Airline Standards.
  • Be decisive. It’s not easy in these times but please talk to us about your options, decide which one works for you and then stick to it. Chopping and changing plans may result in your Pet not flying at all and also takes up more of our time meaning others may miss the opportunity to get their Pet Home
  • Be Patient. Demand to move Pets at short notice is very high at the moment and we are working long hours and doing our best to get them all on their way asap. We are well aware of who has and who hasn’t been sent their Confirmation Email so calling us to remind us you are still waiting for yours just wastes more time.
  • Be Flexible. Everybody has a day or time in mind which works just perfectly for them but at the moment it’s pretty hard to cater for that. If you want your Pet Home quickly and economically being flexible with dates and time will assist us a lot in making that happen.
  • If you book a pick up or delivery please protect your Health and our Drivers by keep your social distance from our staff during the handover. Please avoid sending accessories, we just need the your Dog or Cat, the rest can be posted.

Stay safe everybody. We will continue to post news here in the coming weeks.