1. Our Estimator will assume you live within 50km of the Airport if you live in a Capital City and 30km of the Airport otherwise. If you live further away extra charges will apply for pickups and deliveries.
  2. Our Estimator will allocate the following crate type based on the weight of your Pet; 0-5kg – PP20 (50 (long) x 35 (wide) x 37cm (high)) 6-7kg – PP30 (60 x 40 x 45cm) 8-12kg – PP40 (70 x 45 x 50cm) 13-18kg – PP50 (80 x 50 x 60cm) 19-25kg – PP60 (90 x 60 x 70cm), 26-50kg – PP70 (100 x 65 x 80cm) It is your responsibility to check your Pet will fit comfortably in the crate the system as allocated and advise us if not. In particular there must be at least 4cm clearance from the top of your Pet’s head to the ceiling of the crate. If your Pet does have sufficient room to fit in the allocated crate it will not be allowed to fly and extra charges and/or delays to your Pets flight will result.
  3. If you have a Brachycephalic (Short Nose) Dog or Cat you need to be aware that these Breeds have higher risk of suffering Illness or Morbidity while traveling. You need to tell us if you have a Brachy Cephalic Breed so we can arrange for a crate one size larger than normal to be used. We will also need to discuss flight options that minimise travel during hot weather. The Airline will require you to sign an Indemnity Form. For a list of Brachycephalic Breeds please refer to
  4. In some instances your Pet(s) will require overnight boarding en-route because it is not possible to complete the travel in one day due to Airline Schedules or Flight Restrictions. In this case additional charges apply and we will call you to discuss. Your payment will be refunded and your booking cancelled if you do not agree to the additional charges.
  5. In some instances we may need to attend the Airport outside normal working hours to facilitate your Pet’s Travel. In this case a call out fee will apply and we will call you to discuss. Your payment will be refunded and your booking cancelled if you do not agree to the additional charges.
  6. We strongly recommend you do not feed your Pet for at least 12 hours before it travels. If your Pet soils or vomits in its crate the Airline will not load it onto the flight and extra charges will be applied to attend the Airport and clean the crate. Delays to your Pets flight are also likely to result.
  7. Please do not give your Pet a sedative before the flight. If we suspect your Pet has been given a sedative we will cancel the flight and reschedule to another date. Extra charges will be applied.
  8. Pets must be at least 8 weeks old to travel on a Domestic Flight. If your Pet is less than 12 weeks old or more than 12 years old or has a pre-existing Health Condition you must have a letter from the Vet stating it is fit to fly.
  9. Dogs older than 16 weeks traveling to Tasmania must travel with evidence of treatment against Hydatid Tape Worm. Failure to supply this evidence may result in a fine upon arrival by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.
  10. Cancelled Bookings will incur a $100 cancellation fee